Inflatables, Blimps, Advertising Inflatable buildings and structures

Imagine Inflatables is the UK’s leading manufacturer and designer of advertising inflatables. 
Our promotional Inflatable range is a one stop shop for all your inflatable advertising needs. 
From initial design of the customer’s inflatable concept, through to construction and 
installation of the inflatable.

Imagine Inflatables offers Inflatables for every setting and environment from ground based, to water based and flying Inflatables. From small point of sale items to giant Inflatable sculptures and structures. Imagine is happy dealing with small companies and their advertising ideas through to large Multinationals and Global marketing projects.
Special Projects
Supplier of Inflatables
to the 2012 & 2014
Olympic Games
Event management services
Full event
management services
available for your inflatables
Clients Include:
Pepsi Walkers Kodak Barclays Coke Sony Nokia HaagenDazs Asda Bosch Emirates
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