Creative Design

From taking initial concepts and briefings, we can create, black and white visuals, colour visuals, technical drawings and convert and create artwork files for printing.
Imagine Creative can create visuals of inflatables and place them onto photos supplied by you of your exact site or location to show you the exact visual impact the inflatable will have.

2D Technical Line Drawing

We will produce a simple line drawing for you to understand the concept and sizing of your inflatable, examples as follows:


2D Technical Full Colour Visual

We will produce a full colour technical visual of your inflatable design that will give you a better understanding of how your inflatable will look and work technically.Example as follows:

Other Examples / Case Studies Of Our Inflatables Design


Running Man Finished... 

Imagine designed and manufactured a 30ft Giant Inflatable Running man for a client’s exhibition stand at Excel, London. We took the original clay model from the client, created visuals for passing, and then created cutting templates from the visual to create the 3D inflatable. This giant inflatable character was then hoisted into place, with the exact weights and payload distribution being worked out on our modelling programme allowing us to place the anchor points in the correct and most efficient positions.
Pollen Jock


Imagine Creative worked closely with Paramount and Dreamworks to create three dimensional visuals from simple screen shots provided by the client. These visuals simplified the actual character shape, so they would work as a giant Helium Inflatable floating Bee, yet still contain the essence of the character. We then used these images to create the cutting templates to create the three dimensional Inflatable character. 


Fire Engine


Imagine Creative designed a bespoke Fire education Building in the shape of a giant Fire Engine for the Fire Service. We took the client’s brief, and designed a bespoke building with internal rooms, which had individual educational functions. The digitally printed artwork for the outside of the fire engine design was also created by Imagine from photographs of real Engines supplied by the client.

3D Full Colour Technical Drawing 

Imagine also offer a 3D visual option, this is suitable for 3D shapes where the design is very complex and contoured. The 3D design will help you realise the full shape of the design from every angle.