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Imagine specialise in Blimps also known as Advertising Balloons or Inflatable Airships.

Our inflatable blimps are made of PU Nylon and are 20ft long. (suitable for long term use in UK airspace). Rigid nylon framed fins are suitable for quick removal and replacement if damaged. PU Nylon Blimps have a UV inhibitor within the fabric protecting it against the degrading UV rays from the sun.

Repairs can be made with our in house welding repair service. We offer a choice of hull and fin colours. Pantone matching service also available for additional costs. There is a range of additional extras that we can add to your blimp such as lighting units and cameras. We can also offer Rental Packages which are ideal for Site Marker Blimps.

Packages offer:

  • Blimp:  20ft PU Nylon - with branding to both sides (available in a range of colours)
  • Accessories: Harness, all tether lines, wire tracer line, helium filler tube kit, ground sheet
  • CAA Certificate: We apply to the CAA on your behalf to make sure you have permission to fly in UK air space
  • A full install and instruct service: Our operator will come to site to deliver the blimp and show you the ropes! You will feel confident in flying the blimp before we leave you to ensure you don't run into any problems in future flights.
  • Your first fill of helium: We can also supply helium for you to site when top ups or new cylinders are required.
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    Key Benefits & Facts

    Rapid installation time
    Our operator can install a blimp in around 45 minutes but can do a full training session to your team in c 2hours. He will install, supervise and derig the blimp on rental days.
    The PU nylon is waterproof as are the paints. Snow, drizzle and rain will affect visibility but not the blimp itself as long as it is packed away dry when deflated.
    LED options
    We can supply and fit an LED lighting unit for night time flying as long as you have full supervision overnight, either from our staff or your trained up staff. Blimps cannot fly unsupervised.
    Some parts are replaceable and we offer repairs
    Fins are removable and replaceable, as are the ropes, harness and fitments. If you damage your blimp hull, we can usually repair it unless the puncture crosses a weld line or is more than 1m long
    Fully customisable
    You can have a range of fin colours to suit your branding, and your message/logo/artwork can be printed both sides either direct or on banners. We provide a colour visual to approve before we start.
    We manage your gas provision
    We manage the delivery and collection of helium to your venue using our own accounts with gas suppliers. We charge rental each month
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    Our Clients Include

    Baku 2015
    Birmingham 2022
    Cirque Du Soleil
    Coca Cola
    London Olympics 2012
    Rio Olympics 2016
    Russia Confederations Cup 2017
    Sochi 2014