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Friday January 28, 2022 at 2:28pm

Basically, a redesign of an existing clients original building we made for them nearly 10 years ago, so this shows our buildings are of the best quality!!! The redesign included a lower roof and a change to a curved roof from an apex roof. We have also included now air con ducting holes to allow the building to be cooled down in summer months. The client has a large screen that will sit inside the actual wall cavity we have created for it. The user will then enter the tunnel and immerse themselves in a virtual reality screen experience with moving targets for shooting.

Client very happy and we demonstrated the inflatable building to the client at our unit prior to packing to make sure they are happy with it all.

This shows that we can make a bespoke product almost like a garment and fit it to the clients needs and even have them inspect it before delivery.

As we are a manufacturer of inflatable rather than just an importer like all the rest, you know who you are, I trained most of you!!!!

Wednesday January 26, 2022 at 11:43am

Leading up to Christmas we were extremely busy preparing giant internally light spheres (5m, 4m and 3m) and 10 smaller spheres for this new production at the Expo 2020 Dubai.

Why? The Musical, created by Shekhar Kapur and music by A.R. Rahman, features over 100 dancers 

We worked closely with the production team "Artists in Motion", to create these helium filled giant spheres and smaller cold air sealed spheres which included freehand painting gold highlights onto spheres, and sourcing and supplying the lighting systems.

Our operations team were on location for installation and training during rehearsals.

Follow this link to see the video of our spheres I action in the show

Wednesday January 5, 2022 at 3:13pm

For some time we have been working on a second project for Expo 2020 Dubai.

We should be able to reveal this very shortly.

Watch this space...

Wednesday January 5, 2022 at 2:07pm

Early in December 2021 we were briefed on a project for the Expo 2020 Dubai New Years Eve Celebrations 2022.

The idea was to have a giant chrome sphere that would drop down from the top of the arena for a controlled 30 second countdown to the stroke of midnight, during Armin van Buuren's DJ Set. 

The sphere needed to fit within a central shaft under the stage which limited the sphere size to 7.2m in Diameter. The Sphere was made with an outer skin of highly reflective chrome PVC with anchor points applied to the top, with a black rope harness which could support the structure as it was raised and lowered by the winch cable. Anchor points and a base harness were also added to the base of the sphere so a line could be attached, so that a tension could be achieved by the operators below the stage to ensure the sphere did not swing out of line.

Rehearsals were delayed due to winds and can you believe "Rain"! - The first rain on this date in Dubai in 20 years!

On the day of the event the sphere was unfolded in its deflated state in the shaft under the stage, tether lines and winches connected, then inflated in preparation for the show.

The show was on - the sphere was slowly raised to from under the stage to huge cheers from the crowds as smoke bellowed out, and was then fully raised to the top of the Arena for the countdown drop, 30 seconds before midnight.

As Armin van Buuren cranked top the music, the atmosphere was buzzing in anticipation of what would happen at midnight... the countdown started and the drop started, the winch controlling the speed as operators below kept the tension on the base line. 

The sphere landed to another huge cheer, more smoke and colourful streamers... The job was done! 

See the attached links for videos of how we did it back stage and the sphere reveal 

Dubai EXPO New Years Eve - Backstage

Dubai EXPO New Years Eve - Reveal

Tuesday January 4, 2022 at 5:17pm

WOW!!! - What a show!

Imagine Inflatables supplied, installed and managed this inflatable chrome ball drop. The ball was dropped with a 30 second count down to arrive on the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve, to kick off the celebrations and fireworks display at the Expo 2020 Dubai - featuring Armin van Buuren

A few words from our client:
I just wanted to send a note of thanks for all your support in bringing the NYE orb to life. It really was the centrepiece of the night and it was stunning. From it’s first appearance to the midnight drop, it was met with cheers and awe by the audience. Thank you for pushing this through and for wearing the stress that these ridiculously tight projects sit upon us. 
Thanks again and see you on the next gig (hopefully with much better timelines)."

Follow this link to see this magnificent event

More to come on this to show how we did it!


Tuesday December 7, 2021 at 12:14pm

A busy day for Imagine at Excel London today, at the ARLA show. Goodlord offers cloud-based software to allow letting agents and landlords manage the rental process. In July 2020 they integrated the Vouch brand into their servicing platform. These 2x 6ft spheres showcase the new partnership, read more at


Gnomen is a property website design specialist, working with estate agents to integrate social media, localised mapping and responsive design across desktop and mobile. Read more at

Monday December 6, 2021 at 2:28pm

Our operations team have landed in Dubai, for Expo 2020. They are preparing and instructing on a very exciting project that we have been involved in for the past couple of months.

Here is a link to a short film, showing part of the opening ceremony in the arena that we are currently working in.

Dubai Expo 2022

More on this to come shortly

Monday December 6, 2021 at 11:03am

Santa is back at Bolton Market - ready to welcome Christmas shoppers

Monday December 6, 2021 at 10:54am

This arch has just been installed on an exhibition stand at the NEC Birmingham. Th internal colour change lighting supplied by the client was installed by our operator

Thursday December 2, 2021 at 3:53pm

We have done a range of new Christmas inflatables this year! We’re loving this wacky double leg Father Christmas Sky Guy!

Mickey and Minnie have an LED light inside them

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