Posted: Tuesday, 6 February 2024

Our 20ft blimps are ideal for Springtime events!

The Road Transport Expo 2023 was the venue for a blimp rental for the transport trailer company Schmitz Cargobull. A very tight space for launch and bringing down, we normally need 2 parking spaces for the blimp, ballast and space around. Blimp rentals are detachable artwork with a choice of fin colours. We have also had a busy year with our Brewers marketing team in 2023 - the blimp flew at 4 stores with another 4 to come in Spring '24. So far: Epsom, Swansea, Wellingborough, the YMCA Race in Reigate. Still to come, Grimsby, Herne Bay, Clacton on Sea and High Wycombe.

We always endeavour to record our installs either with photos or video. We can download video instructions of set up for you if the goods are going abroad, and we have a few timelapse videos we can send you. Please ask for details.


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