Blimps, Advertising Balloons and Helium Inflatables

 Our Advertising Blimps, are also called airships or Zepplins and are classed as giant helium filled advertising balloons.

These Blimps are for hire or sale and are ideal for all forms of outdoor advertising and site marking for your premises or event. Blimps are a tried and tested cost effective way to get your brand or specific marketing campaign across within your local vicinity.

Imagine Inflatables has over twenty years of experience in manufacturing, installing and flying advertising blimps for all types of clients from small single site retail units to multinational brands and supermarkets chains. 

Our advertising Blimps fly up to 60 meters in height from the ground, and so are a an ideal platform for your branding to be seen for many miles radius from your site location. Imagine's supplied blimp will offer cost effective long term site marking and advertising for your business.We offer a full design, manufacturing and installation service for our Blimps. Imagine has its own fleet of vans and Blimp pilot operators who are capable of fully training your staff in the safe management and flying of your blimp.

Purchased Blimps come with a full flying kit, and can be supplied with additional tether line blimp banners or your can simply rent a blimp for a single day with one of our trained advertising balloon Pilots.

Imagines special helium inflatable shapes, advertising spheres and blimps can be internally lighted for night flights via our own custom designed internal LED lighting systems.


View All Indoor Exhibition Blimps
Indoor Exhibition Blimps
Our indoor PVC advertising blimps can be used for exhibitions. Starting at 3 Metres Wide and in a Range of colours. We can also supply an installation and flight managed service.
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View All Outdoor Blimps
Outdoor Blimps
Inflatable Blimps These fully branded Giant Advertising Balloons offer an excellent way to get your business noticed. Designed and manufactured in the UK, Imagine also offer a fully managed flight service.
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View All Blimp Cameras and Site Markers
Blimp Cameras and Site Markers
Specialist Inflatable Blimps Lighted Blimps-Balloons, Aerial Photography Camera Blimps and Site Marker Blimps. Imagine offer a range of customised giant balloons to suit all of your needs.
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View All Advertising Blimp rental
Advertising Blimp rental
For shorter campaigns our rental advertising blimps-balloons are more suitable. Our packages include all branding, helium and installation.
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View All Helium Gas &  Blimp Repairs
Helium Gas & Blimp Repairs
Imagine supply Helium Gas, filler kits and valves for blimps, Inflatable Spheres, Latex Balloons and Foil Balloons. Delivered direct from BOC and collected when required.
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View All Blimp flight Training
Blimp flight Training
Imagine offer a fully managed service to fly the blimp and also provide full training to customers when purchasing a blimp for long term use.
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Clients Include:
Pepsi Walkers Kodak Barclays Coke Sony Nokia HaagenDazs Asda Bosch Emirates
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