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A Future Imagined

Monday September 6, 2021 at 2:42pm

Hello to all of our followers, friends, and clients (past, present and future!), we just wanted to take some time to update you on our situation following the ghastly covid-19 outbreak and to welcome you to share some of our good news, after a dismal spell of turmoil.

As I’m sure many of you will understand and have possibly experienced first-hand since the beginning of last year – Covid-19 was by far the worst thing to have happened to our business in all our operating years. There were times that we truly thought we could be at the end of the road for Imagine. With the vast majority of our business supplying to events and the arts, it was scary to see the delayed re-opening of all of these crucial areas.

However, we stuck it out and somehow we have managed to see ourselves through during the pandemic. We send our most sincere and heartfelt condolences to those who, despite all of their efforts, had their business’ taken from under their feet, those who lost loved ones and to those who are still suffering at the hands of the pandemic.

Without further ado, we would like to share a few really exciting key moments from the last couple of months with all of you!

Our beloved van, Bubble 2, has made a reappearance in our yard. We were able to bring our fleet back up to our usual number of 3 vans following the rise in sales post COVID!

We have retrofitted Bubble 1 and Bubble 3 with ramps and have invested in mobile industrial trollies, allowing us to load and move larger inflatables between our warehouse and fleet with ease.

Our fleet is crucial to our business, as unlike others in the industry we offer a 360 delivery and installation service – nationwide and across Europe!

We have recently invested in industrial racking in our yard, expanding our storage facilities beyond our container storage.

We have a new starter in our team. Danielle Kay, our brand new Project Manager (who you can read more about in our dedicated blog post) has been brought on board to help Imagine transition and transform as we embark upon our post-Covid journey.

Imagine has bought out 3 competitors in the last year and is in the process of building a production facility which will allow us to control its range of production and truly become a vertically integrated company from design, through to manufacturing and installation.

No other company within the Inflatable Promotions market offers this capability and this reflects our 23 years of expertise in the industry.

Our plan for the next five years?

  • Increase our property portfolio
  • Invest in a broader production capacity
  • Invest in and introduce key staff members

Imagine will set the rules of the game over the next 5-10 years within our industry sector, we look forward to working with you and to showcasing our new facilities and product ranges in the coming years.

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