Giant Inflatable Padel Court Cover

Wednesday December 19, 2012 at 10:13am

Imagine were approached by a company in Berlin who wanted to cover a large Padel court. The whole sports building was designed to work in winter in sub zero temps. It would have internal heaters to prevent snow from resting on the roof, causing weight issues and potential structural collapse.

The inflatable was 21m x 13m and weighed almost 700kgs!

The padel court was made in three types of material. Heavy weight on the outside with a lighter weight material on the inside. This reduced the total weight of the building by 40% from a standard construction.
The weight was also significantly reduced by creating large sky light windows made in a new reinforced meshed PVC material.

The side windows along the walls of the padel court were designed to be totally removable to allow for ventilation in the warmer summer months.

The whole structure had to be fitted around an existing metal framed outer court walled structure. So precision in the design and manufacturing process within a 2-3cm tolerance was required.

The installation was done by our own team in Berlin which meant the whole design, manufacture, delivery and installation was all done by Imagine.


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