Imagine wins Olympic bid!?!..

Friday September 10, 2010 at 3:06pm

Imagine were delighted to be approached by the events team involved with the forthcoming 2012 UK Olympics! They were intrigued in the range of structures which Imagine offer, together with the proven track record of supplying, installing and managing inflatables.

Accordingly Imagine were invited to demonstrate a range of buildings, shoot outs and other sports related items. So, at a secret location - Imagines' operators installed a 'roadshow' of inflatables examples for their important clients!


Having impressed the gathered audience of event staff, buyers etc. Imagine have been successful in securing good orders from the various functions and departments. Not only that but the news has spread and the excercise is to be repeated at 'Government level' with even greater potential!!...

So Imagine are celebrating 'winning the Olympics' already!!...

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