Giant Inflatables

These giant inflatables sit on the ground surface, although they can also sit on building roofs and structures. Imagine is unique in that it can offer a range of fabrics: lightweight ripstop nylons, medium weight nylon fabrics, and heavyweight tarpaulin materials to suit your specific needs. Inflatables can either be sewn fabric structures which are constantly inflated via an electric fan blower or welded air tight PVC material structures which require no fan system once initially inflated. We can advise you on the optimum format that best suits your promotional campaign and setting. Full colour process printing, screen printing, hand artwork signwriting and even hand spraying are all used in-house to achieve the final look of these giant inflatables. Our Air Dancers, inflatable costumes and giant inflatable product replicas are often unique one off designs.

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View All Product Shapes
Product Shapes
Inflatable Product Shapes Customised inflatables designed and manufactured to any specification we can replicate your bottles, cans and packaging or any 3D product. Click here to check out variety of inflatable shapes we have supplied!
View All Animals and Characters
Animals and Characters
Bespoke custom made UK design and manufactured Giant Inflatable Animals and Characters. Inflated Sizes available from just 6ft - 30ft Tall!
View All Inflatable Bespoke Shapes
Inflatable Bespoke Shapes
Inflatable Giant Shapes or Inflatable Products Customised inflatables designed and manufactured to any specification. Click here to check out variety of inflatable shapes we have supplied!
View All Air Dancers
Air Dancers
Imagine Inflatables supply Branded Inflatable Sky Guys Double Leg and Single Leg Air Dancers, Air Tubes, Bespoke Designs! Designed and Manufactured in the UK.
View All Inflatable Costumes
Inflatable Costumes
Imagine specialise in customised inflatable costumes. We can design and manufacture your inflatable costume managing your ideas and concepts to produce a fun and wearable costume.
View All Inflatable Cars
Inflatable Cars
Imagine specialises in producing inflatable cars for use by automotive companies in their radar testing and crash avoidance systems. These cars can also be for marketing purposes.
View All Inflatable Projection Screens and Billboards
Inflatable Projection Screens and Billboards
Our inflatable movie screens can be used for many applications from outdoor movies to corporate events and conferences. Made to measure. Also see our inflatable billboards for pop up advertising.
View All Bouncers
Inflatable Branded Bouncy Castles. Standard designs or fully customised shapes. Manufactured to the PIPA compliant and EN71 Standard.

Clients Include:
Pepsi Walkers Kodak Barclays Coke Sony Nokia HaagenDazs Asda Bosch Emirates
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