UK designed & manufactured inflatable concepts.
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Inflatable Buildings

Imagine has many years of experience in the supply of inflatable buildings and Inflatable structures to clients throughout the world. Our Inflatable Buildings range covers Inflatable Domes, Inflatable Igloos, Inflatable Tunnels, Inflatable Tents and Inflatable Event Stations.

 Imagine can take your brief and then design, supply and install all types of inflatable buildings including, inflatable cube buildings, inflatable domes, inflatable igloos,inflatable pods, inflatable promotional buildings and other bespoke inflatable design All our inflatable buildings can all be fully branded and lighted.

Imagine's inflatable buildings such as inflatable cubes, inflatable domes, inflatable pods and custom inflatable buildings are functional and also ideal structural advertising platforms . All our inflatable buildings, inflatable shelters and inflatable structures work well in both indoor and outdoor promotional marketing events.

10m Max diameter: These alternative inflatable structures are a beautiful yet simple soltuion for outdoor events. We can manufacture to any size to suit any location. They can be fully printed and installed by our imagine team of operators.
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Max size 8m: High Quality Promotional Branded Gazebos, Instant Shelters & Mini Marquees Our printed folding tents, Pagoda Tents and Star tents are a fantastic cheaper advertising shelter solution.
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Max 10m size: Imagine design, manufacture and install bespoke inflatable buildings to clients globally. Consider our Inflatable bespoke domes, Cubes and Inflatable tunnels to get some ideas of extensive range of inflatable building designs.
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Inflatable Domes and Inflatable Igloos are ideal for both outdoor and indoor events. With a broad range of fabric and branding options for all sizes of large-inflatable-domes.
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8m max size: Inflatable Cubes Inflatable Event Cubes come in a variety of sizes from 3 Metres upwards. They are ideal Inflatable structures for offering an area for conferencing, music events, demonstrations, lounges, meeting and presentation rooms.
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An elegant design of an inflatable structure, perfect for indoor exhibitions. Creating a space such as an inflatable office or room which can be inflated in minutes!
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Our inflatable tunnels are simple but effective structures. These inflatable buildings can be made to measure and can be used as Inflatable Stage Covers and generally for all sorts of shelter requirements.
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Imagine Inflatables has often worked with industrial customers to provide them with inflatable structures to aid them in their work.
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Imagine Inflatables has a long standing relationship with both the military and the services in providing them structures to assist in day to day operations and training.
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