Inflatable Bang Bang Sticks (also known as Boom Boom Sticks, Clapper sticks and Cheering Sticks), are a cheap and cost effective way of getting your corporate brand message across to a mass audience. Ideal for mass audience participation in large sport or music arenas or at a sporting event to cheer the particpants on along there route.

Safe, lightweight and easy to inflate, Imagine’s Branded Bang Bang Sticks come in standard shapes, as well as bespoke internally lighted sticks, Bang Bang flags, Glow sticks, Fan rollers and metallic bang bang sticks along side our Inflatable hands. Our minimum order is 500 sets, and we can print up to 6 colours onto both sides.

Clients Include:
Pepsi Walkers Kodak Barclays Coke Sony Nokia HaagenDazs Asda Bosch Emirates
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