Blimp Flights Training

Blimp Flight Training

Day Rental:

If your budget is limited or your promotion is a short one, then you can hire a blimp for 1-2 days.Our day rental contract includes blimp, artwork onto detachable banners, helium gas, and an operator to deliver,install, fly, deflate and take away the blimp. Fully insured.

Contract Rental:

This service is suitable for longer term rentals where multiple sites might need covering with the same rental blimp. A full programme of flights over weekend or weekday periods can be organised either at a single or multisite locations.Fully insured.

Install & Instruct Service:

This service is where you can purchase a blimp and our trained staff will deliver, inflate and demonstrate the blimp to you. All aspects of safe installation, flying and derigging will be provided. A full signed POD is then issued. You are then free to manage the blimp using your experience from the day's tutorial. You need your own PLI cover.

Contracted Managed Service:

A popular service where our trained operators manage your own purchased blimp, covering all areas of operations, from storage, cleaning, repairs, flight, de-rigging and multisite installations.Fully insured.

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Key Benefits & Facts

We manage the blimp for you
No need to worry about training your staff and ensuring they can devote time to looking after the blimp - we do it all for you so you can concentrate on other things!
You are covered by our Public Liability insurance when we are on site
Our £2 000 000 PLI covers us and you when we are installing, managing and derigging.
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Our Clients Include

Baku 2015
Birmingham 2022
Cirque Du Soleil
Coca Cola
London Olympics 2012
Rio Olympics 2016
Russia Confederations Cup 2017
Sochi 2014