Posted: Wednesday, 16 December 2009

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With numerous businesses competing within the same industry, it is essential that companies are continuously looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. Promotion could be on a relatively wide scale through magazine or television advertisements, or on a more local scale using blimps and other such promotional techniques.

Imagine Inflatables provide a wide selection of promotional inflatable products including; blimps, air dancers, roof toppers and balloons. Available to purchase, they can design, construct and install all inflatable items with full branding, colours and logos.

They even supply inflatable buildings on a hireable basis perfect for business events, open days and sampling products; amongst their range are igloos, event stations, tents, domes and sampling stations, available in a selection of colours, businesses can have their logos transferred directly onto the building.

An advertising blimp is an ideal way for businesses to advertise their location to those from miles around. These specialists install their blimps to around 60 metres above the business, they can be fully branded, or have promotional messages added to the removable panels.

All of their flying blimps are made using high quality materials to ensure that they remain permanently inflated and looking good. Whilst most require wind to inflate their fins, the blimps from these specialists are manufactured using nylon to ensure that they are rigid at all times.

For those businesses that require help operating the blimp, they also offer an operational contract service which includes the maintenance required to keep the inflatable flying above the company, drawing in business from far and wide.

Businesses looking for additional information regarding the inflatable products that Imagine Inflatables have to offer can visit their website or give a member of their reliable team a call.
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