Imagine to the rescue!!...

Wednesday June 3, 2009 at 3:50pm

No, not quite 'International Rescue'?.. But when the Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service 'called out' Imagine Inflatables - it seemed a similar challenge?!! As part of their ongoing fire safety campaigns 'CFRS' approached Imagine to develop something completely different to attract the public at events. To demonstrate home - fire safety first hand, Imagine designed a large inflatable structure with separate zones within to represent different rooms of a house. p1010086.JPG

These included various furniture & fittings - all inflatable and integrated into the overall structure - allowing fire brigade staff to point out key aspects and hazards whilst escorting members of the public through the giant inflatable 'house'!! These demonstrations culminate in a visit to the 'smoke room' - a chamber at the end which can be temporarily sealed off, then harmless 'smoke' pumped inside - to give people an idea of what a smoke filled room would be like!!.. They are then invited to get on their knees (under the smoke!..) and crawl out the exit,... to fresh air. An impressive display of fire safety!!..


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