Jules joins 400 club?!..

Monday July 6, 2009 at 12:56pm

Not quite the mile high club!!.. but Imagine operator Julian Kirby gained his first recently!!.. Blimp operators are quite rare in the UK and even fewer are those that have 'flown' over 200ft, the normal maximum height stipulated by the Civil Aviation Authority. However, increasingly - Imagine Inflatables are being requested by various parties to mark the top height of proposed wind turbine structures around the country. These can be up to 400ft!!.. But Imagine having a proven track record of responsible use of blimps and other helium filled inflatables, the CAA grant Imagine special dispensation and authorise them to fly at such heights for exceptional events!

Jules 'first' experience of flying a blimp at 400ft was at a recent wind turbine investigation day at Gilmorton in Leicestershire. Note the 'tether-line marker' at bottom left of pic. (those with good eyesight!..) a CAA requirement.
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