Posted: Thursday, 22 September 2011

Around the world in,... 80 partys!?..

The Global Party was an inspirational idea for a series of glitzy parties co-ordinated worlwide over 48hrs.This was a high profile fundraising event, which was launched with an equally glitzy party held at the Natural History Museum in London recently.

An obvious icon for such a theme was Phileas Fogg who of couse also went around the world in 80!.. So, Imagine were approached by event organiser Mumford - to create a replica of the traditional balloon used by Phileas.


So, Imagines' creative team set about making an inflatable, that looked like,... well - a balloon!?!.. Soon, their own dedicated operators were installing the impressive unit right in the equally magnificent entrance of the museum. This made a fitting backdrop for those having 'a night at the museum'!!...

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