Posted: Friday, 28 January 2022

BASC – British Association for Shooting and Conservation

Basically, a redesign of an existing clients original building we made for them nearly 10 years ago, so this shows our buildings are of the best quality!!! The redesign included a lower roof and a change to a curved roof from an apex roof. We have also included now air con ducting holes to allow the building to be cooled down in summer months. The client has a large screen that will sit inside the actual wall cavity we have created for it. The user will then enter the tunnel and immerse themselves in a virtual reality screen experience with moving targets for shooting.

Client very happy and we demonstrated the inflatable building to the client at our unit prior to packing to make sure they are happy with it all.

This shows that we can make a bespoke product almost like a garment and fit it to the clients needs and even have them inspect it before delivery.

As we are a manufacturer of inflatable rather than just an importer like all the rest, you know who you are, I trained most of you!!!!

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