Posted: Friday, 24 July 2020

Bottega Veneta

The Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta came to us wishing to replicate the gold chain of their renowned (and very expensive!) handbags. They wanted a giant string of gold links piled up to create a display piece which can be placed inside prestigious stores and commissions as well as for special events. We produced 27 x 1.2m individual links, some of them closed, some of them open with a gap.

Our first installation was at their flagship store in Rome, not long after the Covid lockdown had eased. On 21 July we installed 9 links in a tiny window at the front of their store.

Each link is made of gold chrome material – an inner 0.2mm PVC chamber with an outer 0.5mm chrome skin. These items are too heavy to float but can be suspended or placed on the ground.


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