Posted: Thursday, 3 February 2011

Giant helium blimp for Nigeria!!...

Whilst Imagine continually provides hundreds of bespoke blimps, artworked to clients exact requirements, these are generally the 20 ft (long) model. This is the maximum size hull which can be flown in UK airspace, which is usually the case for European and many other countries.

However, Imagine is often asked to supply larger blimps, where permission for their use allows. The latest such request was for an election campaign in Nigeria! Imagine inflatables has a proven track record of supplying various inflatable items around the globe - with many going to clients in Nigeria over the years.

This time a 26 foot long hull was provided, together with bespoke artwork - showing the election candidate along with his message!! To improve the impact of this, an illumination system was also provided, so the large helium filled blimp would be lit up in the night sky!!

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