Posted: Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Imagines European culture?!..

Imagine have completed another giant inflatable project abroad! Having created and installed a large helium filled chain for a 'Euro - funded' operatic event in Gdansk, Poland.

Yet again the collective team at Imagine rose to the challenge to design and create the huge inflatable structure. This was formed from 11 interlocking chain links each of which was 3.5 meters long. As these would not contain sufficient helium to lift the combined weight a number of large helium filled spheres were incorporated into the design. These were produced in black to hide against the sky above the feature item of the chain.

Such a large installation called upon all the experience and expertise of Imagines' operators which managed the on-site activity. The result was an impressive eye-catching spectacle - revealed as the high point of the performance. Extensive media coverage including several European TV companies ensured the event was broadcast far and wide!

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