Posted: Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Inflatable Planets for York Minster

One of Jenny's latest projects was for York Minster. We were approached by the Minster and asked to initially cost and survey to supply and install 9 x inflatable lighted planets.

We travelled to York to survey the site and look at what our client wanted to achieve visually and logistically.

Once the order was placed we manufactured the spheres which were fully printed to look like the planets and were very realistic with photographic digital print.

The spheres were internally lighted with battery operated LED's and they were rechargeable. This was important as the performance was due to be on every night for 6 weeks!

 Once made we went to the Minster with two operatives Julian and Joe so they could give a full days training to the people performing with the planets. This was a success and as you can see so far the performances have been too.

It has been a wonderful project to be involved with and it was enjoyable to see our majestic inflatables in such a beautiful setting.

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