Posted: Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Is it a bird?.. or - is it a plane?!!..

Some people are content with ordinary exhhibition spheres! But Imagine have risen to yet another 'out of this world' challenge! This was to create a giant 'Saturn-like' inflatable structure to act as a giant projection screen - suspended high in the air!.. The impressive unit will be used at events across Europe!..

The giant inflatable 'planet' was based on a clear 8m diameter sphere, with a membrane across the centre to act as a projection screen. So, as this efectively 'split' the unit into two hemispheres the projection membrane had to be pervious to allow equalisation of pressure between the two chambers. This would ensure no distortion of the projection surface.

The sphere was rigged to hang from a substantial crane, together with the projector also suspended above the unit. This enabled images to be projected onto the screen and the surrounding 'skirt' (rings of Saturn) effectively increased the available screen area by a meter all around. So any movement of the sphere would mean the image would still be seen!.

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