Posted: Friday, 24 February 2012

Magic beans-talk!?!..

Well, Imagine has BEAN (!?..) asked to work it's creative magic BIG time!!.. For an upcoming tour of Butlins and other holiday parks throughout the UK, the producers approached Imagine Inflatables to create a giant beanstalk! The specification was demanding in that it had to appear 'as if by magic' at a precise point in the show 'growing' out of a well,.. continuing upward until seemingly dissapearing out of the top of the theatre?!..

Imagine set about developing a unit which would not only perform to the requirements but also be very quiet while in operation utilising a powerful but virtually silent fan!! The resulting green monster reaches to over 25ft, an impressive addition to the traditional pantomime tale!!

So, it's amazing what a few magic beans can do!!..

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