Posted: Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Police, Camera,.. ACTION!!...

To highlight the potential perils associated with young drivers, the producers of the 'Police, Camera Action' TV series featured a mock road / hazard situation to test the young drivers. This was in conjunction with 'DriveSafe UK' a leading driver training provider and in this case operating on the airfield at RAF Scampton. The focus of the event was to get the young drivers to avoid a 'target' car at various speeds and simulated conditions - using a 'skid-car'!!

To reduce the obvious risk from potential collisions, the production team approached Imagine Inflatables to provide a full sized inflatable car!.. While most of the drivers managed to avoid the impressive inflatable - it was hit a few times including twice at high speeds! Everyone was relieved that the robust design by Imagine allowed the car to survive an impact of 25 mph - which sent the inflatable cartwheeling through the air before coming to rest approx 70 ft away!..

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