Posted: Thursday, 5 September 2019

RuPaul World Tour

We were approached to assist creating a fantastic backdrop to go around the world with RuPaul for the "Werq the World" Tour.  

This was a challenge. The client wanted a number of spheres to go on the stage, along with a sun to surround the focal point at the centre. The brief stated that this needed to be fast inflating (under 4 seconds!) to appear exactly when required, and to be collapsible and able to be hidden just as fast. To achieve this we had to design faster running fans and a special structure to gather up the sun when deflating. 

The sun itself had the be a custom design, created with ripstock nylon and MDF wood, which we had to modify and test repeatedly to make sure we could get the correct effects. 


To see it all in action please see: for our youtube clip of the inflatables.


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