Posted: Monday, 31 March 2014

Snow Globe

The  Snowglobe was a miniature representation of the Larger Inflatable layout of St. Basils catherdral.

So each Tower was replicated as a smaller 30cm tall version within the snowglobe.

Technically this snowglobe which was only 1.2m diameter involved a lot of design effort.

 The individual Domes were separate air chambers within a larger Spherical chamber.

This larger chamber was filled with Helium to enable to ball to be easily managed by the young girl who represented Russia in the opening ceremony.

The SnowGlobe had plastic snowflakes inside the main chamber and also Imagine designed LED lighting units battery operated to illuminate the main inflatable during the event.

The battery packs were painted white and attached to the base of each Dome via a Velcro tab. The snow flakes then hide the lighting units and battery packs.

 The ball was tested many times in our unit for function and durability to make sure the battery packs and lights along with snowflakes worked in every planned setting.


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