Posted: Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The future's bright!...

It is pleasing to see the fruits of our efforts having worked with Orange Telecom to produce advertisements for the re-branding of their mobile phone packages. These commercials are initially being released in Spain, before spreading across Europe!!..


The packages, devised for various user profiles are each denoted by an animal character icon. These have been portrayed in various global advertising campaigns over recent years. Imagine have provided several shapes and styles of inflatable animals for these commercials ranging from 'point of sale' type characters, to the giant 7m high versions seen here!!.. 

Imagines' operations team were on location working alongside the film crews and Orange executives, to ensure the exact 'performance' from the animals was achieved!!.. In addition to the 'combined' advert shown above, individual commercials were also produced - to promote the various packages available.




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