Inflatable Buildings

Imagine has many years of experience in the supply of inflatable buildings and structures to clients throughout the world. Our range covers both standard designs, such as Inflatable Domes-Igloos, Inflatable Tunnels, Inflatable Tents and Inflatable Event Stations through to bespoke custom designed inflatable buildings and inflatable structures.

Even standard building designs can incorporate your bespoke design requirement. You can determine the Inflatable size you want, the style such as door entrances, colour and what branding you want and to which locations. Fabric choice is wide so you can determine the material makeup of the buildings, from light weight nylon fabric through to heavy weight black out materials for total weather-proofing.

Imagine specialises in small to medium sized promotional inflatable buildings, we do not produce larger than 8-10m in diameter or length.

We prefer to keep our inflatable structures compact, light weight and impactful which are the key benefits of inflatables as promotional concepts. Too large and inflatable structure and weight and logistics become as significant as a steel or solid framed structure. Imagine believes small to medium sized structures are the most appropriate use of the inflatable concept.

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Inflatable Event Stations
10m Max diameter: These alternative inflatable structures are a beautiful yet simple soltuion for outdoor events. We can manufacture to any size to suit any location. They can be fully printed and installed by our imagine team of operators.
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Bespoke Inflatable Buildings
Max 10m size: Imagine design, manufacture and install bespoke inflatable buildings to clients globally. Consider our Inflatable bespoke domes, Cubes and Inflatable tunnels to get some ideas of extensive range of inflatable building designs.
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Inflatable Domes
Max - 8m diameter: We offer a broad range of sizes and designs of inflatable Domes and Inflatable Igloos. These bespoke inflatables structures can be designed to work in any space for both indoorand outdoor use. With a broad range of fabric and branding options.
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Inflatable Cubes
8m max size: Inflatable Cubes Inflatable Event Cubes come in a variety of sizes from 3 Metres upwards. They are ideal Inflatable structures for offering an area for conferencing, music events, demonstrations, lounges, meeting and presentation rooms.
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Inflatable Pod-Clamshell
An elegant design of an inflatable structure, perfect for indoor exhibitions. Creating a space such as an inflatable office or room which can be inflated in minutes!
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Inflatable Tunnels
Our inflatable tunnels are simple but effective structures. These inflatable buildings can be made to measure and can be used as Inflatable Stage Covers and generally for all sorts of shelter requirements.
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Clients Include:
Pepsi Walkers Kodak Barclays Coke Sony Nokia HaagenDazs Asda Bosch Emirates
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