Water Inflatables

Water Inflatables

Imagine supplies all types of water based Inflatables.

Water Buoys and Inflatable water barriers can be Pantone matched or full surface printed and are ideal for all water based sporting events.

Our Water Based Inflatable Arches can be used for start and finish marking zones as well as being placed in various locations around the water course for you.

Imagine specialise in placing water based Inflatables in lakes, pools and at sea. Our sea harness and lines can be made bespoke to fit the specific locations, and we can provide anchoring and ballast as well as a full installation service. 

Our water sports games are great for obstacle courses, lake features and beach side promotional activities.

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Key Features and Benefits

Rapid Installation Time
As air sealed units the water inflatables are inflated with a mains or battery hand held fan in just a few minutes.
Weather Proof Options
We recommend marine grade 0.6mm PVC tarpaulin for all open water inflatables but we can use PVC for photoshoots or one off events, or for internal lighting.
LED Options
Battery internal LED light is available for PVC water inflatables, provided in a waterproof zip bag.
Power Options
Mains or Makita battery fan for when there is no power at the site.
Fully Customisable
We offer a range of stock colours as well as pantone matching and full surface print
Easily Transported
Each item comes packed down in its own nylon transport bag.
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Our Clients Include

Baku 2015
Birmingham 2022
Cirque Du Soleil
Coca Cola
London Olympics 2012
Rio Olympics 2016
Russia Confederations Cup 2017
Sochi 2014